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About Us

We are an honest, dedicated, hard working, experienced outfitter in Arizona and New Mexico. We guide hunts for all big game species that Arizona and New Mexico has to offer. Species include Elk, Mule deer, Coues deer, Antelope, Big Horn Sheep, Barbary sheep, Oryx, Ibex, Mountain Lion, Bear and Predators.

We are NOT
Your Average Outfiter

Here at Premium Hunts we do not operate like your average outfitter. We actually scout for our clients!! Your average outfitter will only scout a morning or two for your hunt.... Not us....We scout all year long! and  we have pictures and video to prove it! Anyone who books a hunt with us will begin regularly receiving pictures and/or videos from our scouting operations from their unit so they can show up with confidence in knowing that we are hunting for something great!!!

Hard work, Dedication and Experience  

Our Premium Hunts team is very dedicated to our work and with our experience, determination and incredible work ethic you can show up rest assured that 110% effort will be applied in every aspect of your hunt. 

Licensed, Permitted, Insured

Here at Premium Hunts we are Licensed, permitted, and insured in Arizona and New Mexico for the Apache Sitgreaves National Forest,  the Gila National Forest, State, and BLM.  

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